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Though I don’t remember this, my father recalls walking into the garage one morning to find a little boy with a hammer in one hand and a socket wrench in the other standing next to a disassembled bicycle… I was three. Later that same year, I acquired a vintage Lil’ Indian hardtail minibike, a gift from my grandfather, that sparked the passion I have for motorcycles today. It would not be until several years down the road, however, that I gained the experience and courage to make my passion for motorcycles a reality. Fast forward 20 years… After graduating college and entering the “real world”, I decided to move to southern Florida with the hopes of furthering my career in the corporate world. It wouldn’t take long for me to realize I hated everything that is Corporate America. One summer day in south Florida I had a chance encounter with a very well known custom motorcycle builder that would eventually bring me to where I am today. I did some work (not related to the motorcycle industry) for this builder and for whatever reason we kept in touch. Two years later we happened to meet up for lunch. I listened as he explained how he was looking for someone who could manage his shop… The conversation continued and I didn’t give much thought to it at the time. A few weeks passed and I decided for the hell of it I would send this guy an email… I attached my resume and basically volunteered for the job. With nothing really to “gain” from hiring me, he took a chance on a young man with no experience in the motorcycle industry and gave me an opportunity most people dream about. I got a “free” crash course into the ins and outs of the industry from someone who was already established and respected as one of the masters of his craft. To say I was influenced and inspired by this builder is an understatement. He, along with the unwavering support of my family and a few close friends, is why I started Harlot Cycles. Throughout this journey I have had the pleasure of meeting so many different people from various walks of life and I can say with 100% certainty bikers are the best people in the world. I didn’t start Harlot Cycles for fortune and fame. I do this day in and day out because I love motorcycles. I love the biker culture. Someone recently asked me what I hoped to achieve by building bikes. My answer was simple… I hope I am able to give back to this industry what it has given me.


Nate Jacobs
Owner/ Fabricator
Harlot Cycles, LLC